Getting into Crafting


This is my first time blogging and I have no idea how this woks but I am excited!

The reason why I am into blogging/writing right now is because I am considering of working at home. I am into crafting and I couldn’t stop! It is surely addicting and I would love to share with you what I am up to right now.


Okay, so I have previously done some research on beads, like types of beads, the sizes and etc. And I came across this one website to get started with. I bought Chinese Crystal in Amethyst and Acrylic Beads because I thought that I could start making some simple bracelet.


Link Macrame bracelet
Simple bracelet
A bracelet


I named it “A bracelet” because.. umm..


What do you think? Do share your thoughts!

p/s: I’ve been inspired by a lot of people so there are so many to be credited. I would like to thank all for the easy tutorials!

Goodbye and have a nice day!


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